After launching her eponymous fine jewelry line De Cosmi, photographer and jewelry designer Catherine Servel needed a bank of assets to use across print, digital, and social channels to include on-figure and still life images and videos. While Catherine is the Creative Director behind her projects, she was in search of a multi-faceted partner to collaborate with who could take on not only the production and post production, but also the bookmaking, printing, and pre-press process.


Between Dtouch Creative’s flexible structure and our team of experts from varying backgrounds, we were able to tailor our services directly to De Cosmi’s needs, filling in all the gaps in the process. The malleable nature of our team allowed us to find timely and cost-effective production solutions to develop all the assets De Cosmi aimed to create.


Given our team’s variety of talents, a 360 degree turn-key model was ideal for De Cosmi because we were able to tackle all needs seamlessly, with our project manager overseeing all internal and external processes. This allowed for the overall production of all asset types to move forward artfully, easily and quickly.


De Cosmi’s team was able to rely upon Dtouch Creative to meet their strict deadlines for website launch, book making and printing, print campaign, and social and digital marketing, which allowed them to put their focus on the myriad of other activities necessary to the running of their business. All placements launched on-time and successfully, and our collaboration together continues today.

Brand Book

We oversaw art direction, mechanicals, and printing of De Cosmi’s brand book.

Digital and Social Videos

Working hand-in-hand with the De Cosmi team, we oversaw offline and online edit of multiple brand videos, including multiple crops and compressions to use across various platforms.

Digital Advertising

Together we produced a myriad of digital advertising images including, still life, on-figure, and simple product shots.

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