Saint Jane quietly launched their brand, quickly garnering much attention and success, and they needed a variety of digital and PR assets to accompany upcoming press and social efforts for further promotion and brand awareness.


With Dtouch Creative’s ability to slide seamlessly into an existing schedule, coupled with our nimble and flexible workflow, our team of experts was able to dive right into creation, production, and post production in order to ensure the very tight deadlines were met with a variety of key assets., and with stunning on-brand imagery to boot.


Working with Dtouch Creative on turn-key production allowed Saint Jane the ability to quickly put together a top-level shoot with extremely high production value all while keeping their focus on enriching the bottom line.


Given Dtouch Creative’s reactivity, the assets were ready for delivery well in advance of deadline, which allowed Saint Jane to move forward with additional promotion and placements they hadn’t previously been able to consider.

Brand Book

We oversaw art direction, mechanicals, and printing of De Cosmi’s brand book.

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