The Sally Hansen team developed a revised holiday packaging design for their holiday product sets based on torn paper windows showing the products behind them. Since this was a deviation from their original plans, the creative was finalized and approved with very little room for execution before printing. The assets would need to be produced and retouched within a very limited timeframe, with a limited budget, and with multiple variations for a variety of products.


Dtouch Creative’s structure allows for quick action and fast production, so we were able to develop and produce the shoot within a matter of days. The client was able to entrust our team with the shoot and choose from a large array of torn shapes that same day based on their creative, and from there we were able to launch immediately into post.


With Dtouch Creative’s tight workflow this project was able to proceed like clockwork. Our account manager followed all communications, internal progress, and scheduling so we were able to ensure the very exacting results and fast turnaround that was necessary. With all elements of production, photography, and post production under the same umbrella everything was able to proceed smoothly and precisely forward.


All deliverables were finalized to the exact standard necessary before the deadline, allowing the Sally Hansen team the time to explore secondary desires like additional colorways and foil embossing in the print process. With time to spare, the client was able to save themselves from a stressful and expensive rush printing process and output all the packaging necessary within a standard timeframe.

Sally Hansen Holiday Kits

Giant ripped paper windows were photographed and later adjusted in retouching to accommodate the exact forms necessary for the holiday packaging windows.

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