The Stetson team had a unique challenge and a specific set of needs. Without a traditional creative agency to depend upon, they wanted to achieve strong, distinct campaign visuals for 2 different fragrances all in 1 day of shooting. Most importantly, a major tenet of the Stetson clientele is authenticity, so the client wanted to be sure this could be captured in the true American West.


With Dtouch Creative’s 360 degree production capabilities including creative direction and art buying, we found an amazing team to capture the imagery directly in Colorado, and we produced the shoot on site with pre-production emphasis not only on casting and wardrobe, but on finding the perfect spots to capture 2 distinctly different campaigns.


Collaborating with Dtouch Creative allowed Stetson to tap into our wide pool of resources to achieve a complex demand, and then to seamlessly flow right into post production with the same team who already knew the ins and outs of the entire production process, and thus all the needs and expectations for the final campaigns. This uninterrupted and consistent workflow was smooth and easy for Stetson, giving them a direct line of communication with creative, production, and post all the way through the process.


With a multitude of strong images captured, Stetson had a significant amount of beautiful imagery to choose from for each campaign. This allowed them to do a variety of market testing on finalized images to ultimately choose which campaign shots would run.

Stetson Original Campaign

Photographed in the golden glow as the sun was setting, we worked with the Stetson team to capture imagery that embodies the heart of the Stetson man.

Stetson Sky Campaign

With the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop, the Stetson Sky imagery was photographed in the crisp morning sun just outside of Boulder, Colorado.

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