VDL cosmetics was entering the US market via ULTA, and they needed to create an image bank for their brand. ULTA required a precise set of assets which VDL needed to satisfy, and simultaneously VDL needed luxury imagery for their own PR and Ecommerce needs. All parties had a limited timeframe, and they needed a quick-moving partner who could expertly achieve the results everyone needed for the launch.


Dtouch Creative’s light infrastructure is set up for quick action, and we were able to immediately dive in for 360 degree production starting with creative direction to analyze and hone in on client needs and ultimate direction, and also art buying and production to put together the perfect team to achieve the result.


With production and post production paired together, the retouching team was able to dive in from the start, lending their expertise to ensure everything was captured in the best way for top quality results with expeditious turnaround – shots were rushed directly from set in our NY studio to the retouching team could begin the work that day, and already show VDL’s team preliminary assets while still on set.


During the week of shooting, we were able to accomplish all 200 SKUs and an additional list of hopeful extras given the efficiency of the team. This included a group of unique, specialized swatches and individualized textures all within the existing timeframe. All images were delivered before deadline, including versioning of all color products, which lead to a successful market launch for ULTA and VDL together.

Product Photography

Getting the exact lighting right to show the luxurious nature of the products and their packaging was a priority for the VDL team.


We worked hand-in hand with the client to understand the vital properties of each product so we could develop an array of unique, artful texture images.


VDL wanted to experiment with unusual shapes for textures, so rather than go for standard rectangular swipes, we worked with the client and our stylist to develop a series of fun and unforgettable swatches in a variety of shapes.

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