We are

Dtouch is a collaborative media partner. Which is another way of saying we team up with brands, artists, creative directors, and agencies to create and execute work that inspires and communicates across multiple platforms.


How do we do it?

We’re a group of like-minded thinkers from a variety of backgrounds, and that mix of expert knowhow is what makes us tick. It’s also what allows us to jump in at any stage of a project to provide artful, exciting, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to help our clients achieve their creative goals and maximize their bottom line.

Sebastien Servel President of Dtouch NYC Retouching House

Sebastien Servel

El Présidente

Q: Which artist’s work do you always come back to. How does it influence your work?

A: Several of our photography clients request my collaboration on their creative color work. I love to work on color. I studied painting and photography at ENSB-A in Paris. Henri Matisse, Bram van Velde, and Willem de Kooning are the painters who continue to inspire me with their combinations of color.


Q: Dtouch just launched its West Coast brand in San Francisco. What drove you to expand out west?

A: It’s a long story. And a great story! The amount of clients and talent located on the West Coast could not be denied. We founded our San Francisco office to provide the high quality service Dtouch is known for coast-to-coast.

Bio of Anja Becker Dtouch NYC Partner

Anja Becker

Prime Minister

Q: Dtouch offers a full range of production services. How did Dtouch decide to expand beyond post-production work?

Our industry has evolved significantly over the years – it’s one of the reasons I love it! In discovering the way our clients’ organizations work, we understood more was needed from us than post production. Whether that’s offering top notch shoot production and creating new assets for our clients to use, or jumping into the conversation early in the process to help plan and strategize as a team, organically expanding our offering in these avenues was the natural way to move forward.


Q: What influences your post-production work?

I grew up a few streets away from Bauhaus, and though I went to school in Germany for American Studies, I always had my heart beating for art. I was working with friends on analogue photo printing, studying books, and going to museums and galleries any chance I had.  I was fascinated by the emotional capabilities of photographs- they can transform and capture you in an instant. Fast forward to today – continuing to study colors, working hand-in-hand with photographers to find the perfect balance and artistic dialogue in their projects, and developing that sincere connection to the work is what makes this job exciting for me every day.

Portrait of Matthew Mitchell Dtouch NYC Comet Partner

Matthew Mitchell

Minister of All Affairs

Q: What do people not know about Dtouch, that you wish they did?

Dtouch is a full service hub! With over a decade of post production experience collaborating with the most exciting creatives in the industry, it’s not hard for anyone to imagine our expertise there, but over the past years we have taken on experts in the fields of production, casting, content creation, and even web strategy, and every day we’re doing really exciting projects in these worlds. Sometimes clients can be in a difficult spot with a complicated asset, brief, or schedule to accomplish, they aren’t sure where to begin, and they are afraid to ask questions – I want people to know that they should always feel free to ask! As a creative center, we always find a solution to send you down the right path and make your life a little easier.


Q: How do you see the post production industry changing in the next 5 years?

It’s always evolving – it’s never stagnant! There are always new and exciting challenges, new technologies, and new ways to share and explore images and videos, and ideas. In the next 5 years production and post production will continue to evolve with focus on inclusivity, sustainability, and well-being. What is good for us, what is good for our clients, what is good for culture, what is good for the planet? These are all questions we’re asking today and will continue to solve in the coming years.

Kristen Usich San Francisco CEO of Dtouch NYC Retouching House

Kristen Usich

Chancellor of Western Territories

Q: How did you end up in the creative content and post-production space?

A: I got my first taste of the creative process at a young age – in front of the camera. That is where I first noticed and experienced the incredible amount of work and collaborations that went into the creative process. I knew immediately I wanted to be involved in that process . The “rush” and “reward” of production and creating imagery that is memorable and evokes emotion while reaching audiences and driving a brand is what I truly find compelling and motivating. I enjoy blending business and art. At Dtouch, we create relevant content, and push beyond the familiar and traditional to help our clients and brands meet their consumers. We are proud of what we create and I believe that is why industry leaders continue choose us as their creative partners.


Q: What do people not know about Dtouch, that you wish they did?

A: Dtouch supports a diverse set of clientele throughout the entire creative process on both coasts and around the world! What I really believe is important to convey about Dtouch is that while we are very proud to be the chosen media partner to top luxury brands and large agencies – we work with a wide variety of clientele and put the same expert care and high standards into early stage start ups, smaller ad agencies, artists, and growing brands that we do with our collaboration and work with larger companies and luxury brands. Equally important to address, is while we offer A-Z image creation we have the ability to jump in and assist at anytime in the process – whether it be building creative teams or handling retouching – we can help find a solution. Lastly, I want to emphasize how excited we are about being on the West Coast. The bay area is the global headquarters to many top brands and also a driving force in technology and exciting start ups. Dtouch is pleased to offer our clients exceptional creative teams on both coasts.